Sunday, September 23, 2018

Having Fun with Colors And Shapes!!!

The Colors Chart and Clip Card

Colors Is Beauty of our life!! Without color is Sad/Dark.
Now I love to introduce The Color to my Kids and learn the name of each color.
I made A Color Chart and also Clip cards, while learning a color I make them choose what color they like and they need to give me an example of the color they want!!

Yey!!! Its a Colorful and Happy..

Don't think to much! Go! and grab your Chart and cards Color to teach your kids and have fun...

Color Package Included:
1 Chart of Color and 22 cards(2 design)

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SHAPES!! You can see them everywhere.. and also this is important to know.. The basic shapes.

I love this card, As i said we love Clip card and now this is one of the clip card i made for my Kids to meet, know and Play with the shapes.

Package Shapes Included:
1 Chart of Shapes and 28 Cards of Clip card(2 Design)

Use any manipulative to make this more hands on. Ex: Clip, White board market, small/ cute eraser or anything you have that kids can use to show there answer!!!

Note: there is a bundle that you will save more!! Colors and Shapes Bundle pack! 
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 Thank you and have fun!!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Learning Numbers

Lets Learn the numbers

Today I made a Playdough mat for my kids and also to share with you!!Using play dough is a lot of fun, Now i figure it out to use it while learning like other teachers do! but of course don't copyright.Making this card i made a goal to achieve.              

My son love this card a lot and also i always challenged them who is the faster to make the number using play dough. In that challenged they will have fun and they will be more active to win.
My daughter always saying " Mommy thank you for making this for me! i love you"
how sweet to hear that 😍

Now its time for you have a lot and try it! and send me a feedback what words do you get while teaching your child with this playdough mat.
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Its been a while!!!!

Since we went for holiday i didn't update at allπŸ˜” But don't worry I'm back!!!
Lets talk about MonsterπŸ’€ it's scary... hmmm.. mostly kid's scared of MONSTER.
Now lets change there imagination about monster!

Bring them in learning section, I made a Monster Number Clip Card 0-20 for my kids and also for every kids out there!!

Here the video how i teach my kids using this Monster cards,

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Spelling Number Clip card 0-20

We love clip card!! Here's another clip card I made for my kids and also for your kids! come and have a look! 

This card will help your child to know the spelling of the number name.. 
To make this card; Printer, Laminating Machine and scissor.   To make it hands on and interactive: use dry erase marker, clips and any manipulative that kids can use to show there answer.

Note this is have a Bundle 3 sets of Clip Card Number!
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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Phonics Activity to help your child!!

Free fluency Alphabet Card
Teaching Children - Make it Interesting,  Easy & Simple using creative activities

Teaching Phonemes and Phonics is really a lot of fun. This is the card i made for my children to know and master the sound of the Alphabet, and of course i have practiced with my own children to have their undivided attention

Below will guide you through the teaching process

★First set your goal what you want them to achieve but of course don't expect to much!πŸ‘†
kids will learn when they ready, don't push them  because they will feel frustrated and of course yourself too, the technic; is you have to be PATIENCE.✋
★Next do study first, do a lot of search,read and talk to the professional teacher if your not a teacher.
Being a mother does not mean that you cannot teach your own children, There is a saying that Mother is the best teacher 😊

When they learn the sound of the Alphabet i saw how there face shine! so if you wanna see your kids face shine too.... Hurry up and get your free card now!!! click here!!

To make this card this is what you need:
Printer,Laminating Machine, scissor and book ring. Use dry eraser.
Used 1 page or 2 per day, do it morning and evening for fast learning.

Alphabet Tracing and beginning sounds Card

This is another card that i made for my kids to practice writing and learn the beginning sounds.
Making a card/ activity for them is bring joy in my heart and i would love to show you and share the activity that i made.

What you need to make this card:
Printer,laminating machine,scissor and book ring.

Come and let have fun while learning, to get this card click here!1
In this card you can use dry eraser or magnetic letter 
to make it more interactive.

Lets use the Chart!!

Yes!! It's a Alphabet Chart.. with this chart you can use in many ways like:
Yes!! now its FREE!!
★Beginning sounds- Ex: what is the beginning sounds of MOM? (sound is out the Beginning letter)
try not to use the picture that already in the chart to practice the sound without looking out the picture.
★Ending sounds- same question, like beginning sounds, you must sound it out the ending letter of the word that you ask to find. 
★The 5 Vowels- Ex: can you tell me what are the 5 vowels? can you say there name and sounds.
See how they say the Name and sounds of the letter using this Alphabet Chart.. My son love to sing using that chart and my daughter love to say it 1 by 1 to make it more clear.

Consonant Vowel Blends Fluency Card

This is same of my Free Alphabet Fluency card, teach your child to say the letter sound and try to blend used small eraser or play dough and of course the dry erase marker to make it more interesting. Print it in colored paper too the brighter the more attractive for kids.

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Yes! We are here!! After a busy Month of October

Consonant Vowel Consonant Fluency Card

Since we are quite busy forgot to share this CVC fluency card to everyone!! we always use this until now and im happy that because of this my kids are able to read a simple words!! Now if your kids don't know how to read, Its time for you to help your kids, and work together.

Help your kid to sound it out the letter so that they can here the word.

I have a Bundles:

 ALphabet Fluency card, CV Blends Fluency Card and CVC Fluency card.
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